WedsSport Wheels

The WedsSport division of Weds Co. Ltd allows Weds to showcase the peak of their knowledge and technology learned via motorsport as well as the extremes of on road use, through their WedsSport range of wheels. All WedsSport wheels are developed and made in Japan and WedsSport wheels can regularly be seen on top tier motorsport vehicles such as the Bandoh Racing GT500 Lexus, the Upgarage BRZ and many others across Japan.

When shopping for a set of wheels for your car, there are a lot to choose from. Of course, looks always play a huge part in your decision and Weds have a variety of great looking designs and sizes to compliment your ride. With some truly unique finishes and colourways, the WedsSport range of wheels can really make your car stand out from the rest.

For some it is equally, or even more important that their choice of wheel can be trusted to perform.  Every WedsSport wheel has been developed with this in mind. Every WedsSport wheel has a unique point of difference that sets it apart from the average wheel.

Weds AMF (Advanced Metal Forming) process allows Weds to reduce the weight of a wheel while promoting greater strength – all WedsSport non forged models use this technology as standard, a technology other brands often charge a premium for.  Further machining after casting further increases the strength and reduces the weight of the wheels, such as the H-Cross machining of the side spokes.

Weds continues to push the envelope of what can be achieved with cast wheels, with the pinnacle model the WedsSport TC105X being one of the strongest, stiffest and lightest non forged wheels on the market at this time.


In addition to making beautifully designed and finished wheels, every Weds wheel carries the JWL, VIA logos as well as the JAWA quality certification seal.
Whether it is for your race car, or your daily driver – Weds is a name you can trust.


You can learn more about JWL, VIA and JAWA and why they are important by clicking here

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