If you’ve been thinking about importing a car from Japan, but you are finding the process a little daunting – you’re not alone. But Import Monster is here to help, we have been sourcing cars for our clients from Japan for over 10 years and we are here to make the process easy, fun and stress free.

The current system and the restrictions on vehicles eligible to come into Australia under the current laws are quite complex for the unsuspecting person and we are here to guide you through. While considering the importing journey, you may have heard terms such as RAWS, SEVS and DOTARS  – for most these may as well be a foreign language but we make it all clear and easy to understand.

Read on to learn more about the process and what sets us apart!


Acting as your broker, when you sign on to import a car through Import Monster we will work hard to find the right car for you. We cover every aspect of the search and importing process including

  • Searching available cars coming through each day for the ones that match your desires
  • Inspecting the vehicles thoroughly to ensure quality and condition and giving you our honest, unbiased advice and recommendations.
  • Guiding you through the bidding and purchasing process, making sure that we obtain the best car for the best price, within your budget.
  • Arranging every aspect of the export of the vehicle from Japan and into Australia, including a seamless flow through customs and quarantine and into compliance.
  • Helping with any further needs post compliance and registration.

Of course, as a specialist importer of new and used Japanese car parts and performance modifications we are uniquely placed to assist you with any needs you may have throughout the ownership of the car


Honestly, we love cars. Especially Japanese cars and we have been modifying and playing with high performance Japanese cars for 20 years.  We offer this service because we enjoy searching through the auctions for cool cars, for cool people!  When you deal with us, you know you’re dealing with people who love cars as much as you do. Possibly more! We get what your car means to you, so we give you 100% effort to make sure we deliver on our promises to you.

I’m ready to go, what should I do now? Hit us up!

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Call us on 03 90080031

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While there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes, we make it very simple for you!
Step one is to sign our service contract which you can request via email to – once the contract is completed and returned, you can pay our service fee using Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, internet banking or cash in store.

Once this is done, we will begin scouring the auctions for the car of your dreams.
The busiest days are Weds to Saturday each week, as these are the days the major auction houses are open. We will send you an email rundown of the vehicles coming through and more details of any that match your criteria. If any of them are appealing, let us know  and we’ll go and inspect them for you and give you a detailed rundown of the condition of the car. We check it as thoroughly as possible, within the confines of an auction house environment – including running it up to temperature, checking all electricals and accessories, thoroughly inspecting the car inside and out for previous damage, rust or structural problems.

We’ll tell you whether the car has been smoked in, any wear and tear – whether it seems the car was looked after and loved by it’s previous owner/s and give you solid, honest and unbiased advice as to whether we feel it’s a good car for you to bid on.

You have the final say at all times on whether we bid on the car for you and if so, how much. We’re in the driver’s seat, but you’re the navigator – at all times we will act on your instructions so you know that you’ll never end up owning a car you didn’t expect to.

When we bid on and win a car, the next step is to pay for it. The cost of the car, including all Japanese side costs is called the FOB cost (FOB = Free on board) and this covers everything including getting the car to the port in Japan, ready to go on a boat to Australia. When calculating your budget, we take all of this into account – so you don’t have to take a guess.  We have negotiated rates on Japanese yen to Australian dollar conversion for our clients with OFX so you’ll get great service from them and the best rates – much better than the banks, it’s not uncommon for our clients to save many hundreds of dollars on their transfer – and the more expensive the car, the bigger the savings.

It’s worth noting at this stage, that prior to proceeding with the importing agreement we need to ensure that you have clear funds in your bank account, ready to pay for the car – banks won’t give a car loan for a vehicle located overseas.


Once you win the car and payment has been received by the auction house in Japan, we will then arrange for a vehicle import approval which allows us to legally bring the car into the country. A little known fact that has caught many unwary would-be car importers – is that you can’t bring a car into Australia without a little piece of paper called an import approval. Once we have this approval from the Dept of Infrastructure in hand, we will book your car onto a vessel to come to Australia.

Once the car arrives, the next payment is due which covers your shipping from Japan to Australia, along with import taxes and related costs. This needs to be paid promptly (and generally we have the costs arranged well before the car arrives)  to ensure the car has a smooth transition through customs and into the country. Once cleared, we will arrange delivery via tow truck to the compliance shop and we’re one step closer to having your pride and joy in your driveway!

Once compliance is complete and the compliance sticker has been attached, you’ll pay the compliance shop for their service and then the car will be ready to obtain registration. State to state requirements from this point differ, so we will discuss this with you based on your location.

We will search for as long as needed, to find the car of your dreams. We’ll inspect as many cars as needed and bid on as many as we have to, to get the car within your budget and within expectations.


The truly important part of our service, the thing that separates us as a broker from most people selling cars – is that we have no vested interest in recommending one car over another – the only money we make is our service fee for which we are paid at the start. Every other fee is charged to you at cost, directly from the relevant suppliers. So this means no car will make us more or less than any other, it means that you can have 100% surety of unbiased advice because for us, whether it’s a $20,000 car or a $120,000 car – we make exactly the same amount. The most important thing for us, is to ensure that you’re happy with your car – so that you tell everyone you know to use us when they’re ready to import.

If you’re interested to know what the approximate costs are for importing a car from Japan, we have an estimate calculator that you can use here – – to check the approximate costs for importing.

Please be aware that it’s only a rough calculator and is not suited for all vehicles at all price points. You can contact us for further information on specific vehicles via email at

 If you would like to find more information  about currently eligible vehicles you can do so here – at the Dept of infrastructure site








We are able to assist to import cars from the UK and USA, however we don’t have our own teams based in those countries like we do here so we can not assist with pre-purchase inspections and this kind of thing.


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