We are a dedicated team of JDM fanatics. Each and every one of us eats, sleeps and breathes JDM cars. It’s how we started and it’s what drives us every day.

In 2001 when the founder of Import Monster, Aaron, got his first real JDM ride (a 1996 Supra GZ) there were few reliable importers of Japanese products in Australia.  Ecommerce was still relatively new and it was really hard to find parts in Australia for what were termed “grey imports”.  A need for parts drove us to find a connection in Japan that could help us find and bring over what we need. In 2003, this became a side hustle as we began to source parts for friends and soon for anyone who found themselves in the same predicament as us. There was no google translate around then the translation tools available were expensive and very hit and miss. 

Very soon, the side hustle became all consuming and we moved into a dedicated premises (which was great, because I didn’t have to keep parts in spare room, laundry and where ever else I could find the space!)


A lot of years have passed since then, Import Monster has grown and delivered hundreds of containers of the finest Japanese gear to Australia. Tens of thousands of shipments have been sent in Australia and around the world. Our passion and dedication has seen us become authorised dealers and distributors of some of the absolute finest brands in the Japanese aftermarket including Bride racing seats, Weds wheels, Rays Engineering wheels, BBS wheels, TWS Forged, Aimgain aero, Varis aero, Fujitsubo exhausts and more. We are honoured to bring these incredible brands to Australia and thankful for our amazing customers who allow us to keep doing what we love every day.


We aren’t done yet!



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Factory 1 73-75 Bayfield Rd East , Bayswater North. VIC 3153, Australia

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