The ALL NEW WedsSport Technical Circuit 105X is here!

This iteration of the TC series is stronger and stiffer to meet the increased demands of modern vehicles, yet retain a similar weight to the outgoing TC105N which has earned it’s place in JDM wheel history as one of the best bang for buck wheels made.

This is continued with the TC105X having been made to meet more stringent requirements due to increasing weights and performance of road vehicles.

When considering a wheel to use for street or motorsport you are presented with a diverse array of options to choose from, with an equally diverse range of price points.

It can be confusing to decide which wheel to choose and they can all have their pros and cons.

The TC105X is a great looking wheel that suits many different cars, but the choice for a true motorsport wheel goes beyond mere good looks.

The TC105X is placed well above many “fashion” wheels that you can choose from. Unlike the average fashion wheels that dominate the market, the TC105X was engineered and optimised from the outset to perform at the highest levels of motorsport, seeing use across the different categories of SuperGT. Super Taikyu, GT300 and all the way up to the GT500 sees the TC105X put through it’s paces and has certainly earned it’s pedigree.

This wheel has the strength, rigidity and light weight of many fully forged monoblock wheels but without the forged wheel price tag. It also has the large brake clearance you need to accommodate not just big calipers but big diameter setups. More than this, using the TC105X is your natural choice because this wheel model has longevity as the flagship wheel in the WedsSport range – meaning it will be around for many years. This is enormously beneficial to the serious motorsport competitor because replacements will be easy to come by. Maybe today the set of 4 is all you need, but down the track you may need a second set for your wet tyres or you may need to replace a damaged wheel. Maybe you even want a couple of extras to take away with you “just in case” as nothing ruins a day at the track quicker than a damaged tyre and no way to replace it!


The distinctive “N-FRAME” spoke reinforcement creates greater rigidity and impact dispersion

Cutting the backside of the spoke further reduces weight without sacrificing strength.


Further weight reductions is applied to the inner wall of the center hub and the side of the spokes, removing unnecessary material without affecting wheel strength

The TC105X is around for the long haul and Import Monster are proud distributors for this amazing brand of wheels. We keep hundreds of TC105X in stock, right here in our Australian warehouse. If we don’t have your spare in stock, chances are we have one already on the way.

For racing categories or teams in need of a size that’s not off the shelf, if we are able to meet a minimum order quantity we can usually have wheels custom made to your required specs. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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