Shockworks coilover kit for GR Yaris and Rallye GXPA16

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Coilovers for GR Yaris and Rallye

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The GR Yaris was one of the most anticipated releases of 2020 and here at Import Monster, we were super excited for such a project car to join us. Given Toyota’s traditionally cautious approach to their cars, who would have ever expected them to make a road going version of their Yaris rally car? We’re glad they did, because it’s a really good thing out  of the box – but of course, we were never going to leave it standard.

The stock suspension setup is good, but as with all oem setups they are built to a budget and there is always room for improvement. Having built a great relationship with the team at Shockworks we had no hesitation in handing over our brand new GR Yaris for them to carry out development on. After 12 months of using the Shockworks dampers and having the setup refined we couldn’t be happier with the end result.

The Shockworks dampers feature

  • Inverted monotube design with 45mm bearing span – strong and durable
  • High flow digressive monotube pistons with 12 stages of damping adjustment
  • Camber adjustable in the front between 0-4 degrees of negative camber
  • Rear dampers setup to reduce unsprung mass by up to 2.5kg
  • 8kg front and rear spring rate

The mounts of the original dampers were laser scanned so brake line and ABS brackets fit like oem.

We have used and sold Shockworks since 2012, both in our customer’s cars and our own. Aside from a dramatic improvement in handling and road manners, they remain very compliant for daily use – Shockworks will themselves say that they offer near OEM ride comfort. I politely disagree, as I found the OEM setup really crashed over bumps . With the damper on the Shockworks set at their softest setting, the car is able to absorb the same bumps with ease and remain a lot more settled. Mid corner grip has been dramatically improved and the car feels more planted over complex bumps and ruts. For us, reliability and longevity is also key and we have found Shockworks dampers to be incredibly robust and reliable whether being used for daily duties or flat out track work where ripple strips at speed really put them through their paces.

Already track proven with this setup, we are also able to offer more track focused setups and higher spring rates for those running more aero, slick tyres and so on.

We have received great feedback from everyone running these on their Yaris to date and we are very pleased to be able to offer such a high quality product to the community.

What’s in the box?
Front dampers with springs and camber adjustment bolts. Rear dampers with springs and height adjustment perch. Adjustment wrenches. Gloves.



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