Rays Gram Lights 57Transcend 18×9.5″ +39 5×100 Matte Graphite Finish wheel set


Rays Gram Lights 57Transcend 18×9.5″ +39 5×100 Matte Graphite Finish

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The Rays Gram Light 57Transcend leans heavily on Rays renowned R&D to achieve maximum strength and rigidity. Additionally, employing Rays RCF technology reduces the weight and increases the strength of the 57Transcend significantly versus traditional cast wheels. With 10 elegant profile spokes and deep concave, these are  a very attractive wheel to suit a wide range of cars.

This set measures in at –

  • 18×9.5″ +39 5×100
  • MP Finish (Matte graphite machining – overseas exclusive model)


Rays dramatically improves the performance of its cast wheels by applying the spinning method used for forged wheels to cast rim molding. This is known as the Rays Cast Flow Forming (RCF) method.The RCF method is designed to increase the strength of cast wheels by creating a tissue similar to what are referred to as fiber flow lines in the structure of cast wheels. Producing cast wheels using this method is just one of the areas in which Rays excels.

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 53 × 53 × 30 cm
Wheel offset

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