Invidia G200 Cat Back Exhaust w/Ti Rolled Tip – Subaru Forester XT SG 03-08 HS04SFRG2T


Invidia G200 Cat Back Exhaust w/Ti Rolled Tip – Subaru Forester XT SG 03-08 HS04SFRG2T

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Large baffled muffler – Deep exhaust note

Invidia’s G200 offers a quieter exhaust note during light throttle conditions but once open throttle is applied really wakes up and gives a nice aggressive sound. This makes it a great option for those who daily drive their vehicles and don’t want to attract too much attention during their everyday commute. The G200 features an oversized barrel muffler with unique internal baffling which produces a deep exhaust tone througout the rev range.

From start to finish the Invidia Exhaust Systems are designed with performance in mind with the exhaust route carefully selected to ensure minimal bends, allowing for an unobstructed exit of exhaust gases with minimal restrictions and turbulence. This will allow for improvements in both horsepower and torque, along with improvements in throttle response with a reduction in turbo lag for turbocharged vehicles. Additionally, you get the reward of an aggressive exhaust note.


Buy with confidence! Invidia Exhausts Australia’s LIFETIME WARRANTY applies to this product. Invidia Exhausts Australia warrants all of its products with a limited lifetime warranty policy. Lifetime Warranty covers:

  • Structural welds
  • Mufflers and internals
  • Cracks
  • Manufacture defects

Lifetime Warranty does not cover:

  • Catalytic Convertors (2 Years warranty)
  • Logo or Invidia Badge falling off
  • Scrapes or scrubbing
  • Crashes/Vehicle Accidents

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