GR Yaris Endless MX72 brake pads (front and rear set)


The Endless MX72 brake pad is a semi-metallic compound that minimises dust and brake noise, improving brake performance at low temperatures and remaining stable at high temperatures. This material is kind on discs and has great pedal feel, due to the semi-metallic pad material.

  • 50-700°C Working Temperature
  • Friction coefficient of 0.37-0.47
  • Suited to drivers who want to use the same pads for street, highway, track days, circuit racing and/or circuit racing

Aside from excellent all round braking performance, the MX72 create a lot less brake dust than the oem pads!

This pad set includes front and rear pads for the GR Yaris

If we don’t list what you’re chasing from Endless, please hit us up as we can supply the full Endless range of products.

Additional information

Weight 3.9 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 11 cm

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