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***The Zeta III has now been discontinued and replaced by the Zeta IV***

We are permanently sold out of this model Zeta III. If you’re in dire need, a used item from Japan may be able to be procured for you 🙂

Import Monster is your authorised Bride Japan distributor in Australia, 100% authenticity is guaranteed!

The Zeta is the benchmark Bride Japan racing line of seats.The Zeta III is a fully FIA Compliant, fixed back racing seat. It has been deployed in race winning cars world wide, across multiple motorsport disciplines.
When you buy the Bride Zeta III, you can rest assured that you are buying the right tool for the job.

Engineered to sit lower in the car, the Zeta III gives a comfortable and natural seating position. The narrow waist line holds the driver in, the material stitched in to the shoulder support provides and extra level of grip during hard cornering to ensure minimal movement, providing confidence at all times.

Naturally, the Zeta III is light and strong – the perfect choice for serious motorsport applications. It’s timeless design also make it a great aesthetic choice, looking equally at home in classic JDM models as well as new models.

Bride Japan manufactures specific rails to suit a wide range of vehicles, making the Bride Zeta III a bolt in proposition for most popular cars – no expensive and difficult custom made rails in most cases.
Import Monster stocks a large range and can order direct from the factory, anything not in stock so please enquire with us regarding rails to suit your car and seat choice.

Note – the Zeta III has officially been discontinued and replaced by the Zeta IV. We have very limited stock of the Zeta III remaining and once sold out, there will be no more!

Just a reminder that Import Monster is your authorised Bride Japan distributor in Australia, our products are 100% authentic for your total peace of mind

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