Bride Super Seat Rail Type RO – Toyota JZZ30 Soarer, JZA80 Supra – Recliner Bucket – Right side T109RO


Bride Seat Rail – Toyota Toyota JZZ30 Soarer, JZA80 Supra – Recliner Bucket – Right – T109RO

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Super Seat rail RO Type to fit Toyota Toyota JZZ30 Soarer, JZA80 Supra with Recliner Bucket seat

T109RO – Right Side

BRIDE’s super seat rails are known the world over for their precise fitment and wide range of seat support.

Each BRIDE seat rail is an ASEA-approved product which has cleared the standards of ASEA, the industry organization whose members comprise motorsports companies and related tuning parts manufacture and sales companies which represent Japan.

All BRIDE seat rails are created after precisely measuring the frames of full-scale cars whose shapes differ from car to car by hand and creating a master rail, BRIDE then create the tools for mass production and adopt mass production techniques.

Whether you are fitting a genuine BRIDE seat or a RECARO, SPARCO or COBRA seat, BRIDE seat rails are an excellent option for your seating needs.

Made in Japan
Seat mounting dimensions / length 260mm (25mm + 235mm) x breadth 405mm
Fit seat
BRIDE         GIAS series, STRADIA series, edirb 023 / 033, CUGA series, VORGA series, BRIX2, ERGO2, XAX2, PROS
RECARO     SR series, L series
Other         GULL, D&W

Fit seat in the case of using optional side mounts
Other         Seat within the mounting dimensions

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 62 × 56 × 18 cm

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