Bride EDIRB 032 Ultra Suede – Red – With Seat Heater


Bride EDIRB 032 Ultra Suede – Red – No Seat Heater – E35RNB

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Edirb 032 Ultra Suede.

Comfortable reclining premium seat model which has adopted new material ultra suede and Protein leather with a sense of luxury and smooth texture

edirb 032 ULTRA SUEDE is a premium comfort seat model with an ergonomic design perfect for long drives.
It uses the much-talked-about advanced protein leather and Ultra suede for the seat material.
Protein leather is a high quality synthetic leather manufactured using a unique decoding technology after powderizing silk and eggshell membrane protein with an advanced technology. Its superior moisture absorption and desorption reduces stuffiness to provide a pleasant driving environment. It also features a texture like the real leather of a high grade sofa for a smooth touch. It is perfect as a seat material for reasons such as its easy maintenance compared to real leather, its extreme superiority in terms of durability and water resistance, etc.
Back the high-fashion new material Ultra suede highly breathable , used in the bearing surface , we further enhance the sense of quality .

A seat designed in pursuit of comfort

The New Ergonomics Design focuses on being easy for the driver to use and avoiding strain. The form designed to gently envelop the driver’s body and the high-density polyutherene foam equalizes the contact pressure to the driver. The result is a distribution of the driver’s body pressure which enables overwhelming comfort and holdability.

Listed price is for a single (1) seat.

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Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 114 × 60 × 60 cm

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