Import Monster "Custom Spec" WedsSport SA-10R

We are very excited to unveil a brand new wheel  – this is a worldwide exclusive to Import Monster!

The WedsSport SA-10R Limited Edition Wheels

Custom made to perfection for Import Monster by Weds Japan.
Engineered by the renowned artisans at Weds Japan exclusively for Import Monster, these wheels are a testament to innovation, quality, and bespoke design.

We have filled that gap with what is essentially an all new Weds wheel model.

True to our origins we have done it once and done it right with a fresh take on this classic WedsSport wheel which entailed all new tooling, fresh VIA and JWL testing and JAWA certification. Just for us (and you!)

The WedsSport SA-10R has been a stalwart in the WedsSport lineup for many years, being by far the most popular of the SA series of Weds wheels.

Over the years we have undertaken several custom runs of PCD, ET and colour changes to broaden the appeal and cater to more desired fitments, but this new delivery takes the SA-10R to a new level. In the most popular sizing of 18×9.5” there was always a missing link, with the lowest offset for that spec being +38.

Officially, this wheel is a custom SA-10R however we have dubbed this new wheel the SA-10RR in recognition of the RR face super deep concave which is otherwise limited to the 18×10.5” models.

As you can see from the graphic here, this is a dramatic increase in concave over the R Face and as we all know – concave is KING.

Elevate Your Ride with Unparalleled Style and Performance!

Limited Edition Brilliance: The SA-10R in this custom specification and in these colours is a stunning wheel, available only through Import Monster and our authorised dealers. Embrace exclusivity with a wheel design that’s reserved for the most discerning enthusiasts.

Customisation Beyond Compare: Choose from six breathtaking colors: TS Bronze, Matte Black, HBC II, Dark Gunmetal, Titan Gold, and SBK.
Achieve the aesthetic that aligns perfectly with your vehicle’s character.

Precision Fitment: The SA-10R promises a fitment that’s not just flawless but enhances the overall stance and performance of your ride.

Masterful Craftsmanship: Weds Japan’s legacy of excellence comes to life in each SA-10R wheel. With precision manufacturing and a relentless pursuit of perfection, these wheels are a true work of art.

Experience the Extraordinary: Elevate your journey with the WedsSport SA-10R Limited Edition Wheels, designed exclusively for Import Monster. Unlock a world of personalization, performance, and prestige.

Don’t just drive – make a statement on the road.

Order yours today and experience the pinnacle of wheel innovation.
Your dream wheels, realized.

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