EXIGE SPECIAL EDITION – By import monster

The WedsSport TC series of wheels has formed the backbone of the WedsSport line up since 1993. With years of development and experience through Gr.A, JTCC and SuperGT competition, Weds engineers have carefully honed their craft to deliver a wheel that is designed, engineered and 100% made in Japan for your complete peace of mind.

One of our all time favourite wheels, the WedsSport TC105X is manufactured from the highest quality materials and undergoes some of the most intensive and extensive testing regimes in the world before it is allowed to be offered to the market.

With the stringent requirements to meet JWL/VIA and JAWA certification, you can have absolute certainty that your choice to invest in a set of WedsSport TC105X is a wise one.


With this in mind it is no surprise that as a trusted Weds distributor, Import Monster are regularly approached with requests for custom made TC105X that aren’t available off the shelf. Drivers and competitors are always looking for a competitive edge in a wheel that that not only meets their needs for strength, rigidity and light weight, but also gives the confidence that comes from having a trusted brand at each corner of their car.

Over the years we have worked closely with Weds on custom offsets, PCD changes and different colours not offered elsewhere across a number of models with great success to meet these needs.


The Exige III is quite a unique proposition, requiring a bespoke solution as it has not only different PCD and hub bore sizes front to rear but also a staggered 17/18” diameter that makes a solution unique to the Exige.

One of the most common discussions we had was around the handling of the car, as this platform is very sensitive to changes in track.

After consulting with Weds, we found we had a simple solution for the rear wheel as it was very close to an off the shelf model already available and only needed an adjustment to the offset. Perfect!

The front however, was a different matter entirely as the unique size and offset shared no similarities with any existing TC105X.

Thanks to our friendship with Weds and the trust built through many custom batch wheels,  the opportunity to do a completely new wheel was put on the table.

A new wheel, JUST for the Exige! This required all new tooling and testing, a lengthy and expensive process. With such an opportunity, how could we say no?

The prototype was made and the Weds team got in touch with a Lotus specialist workshop in Japan to do real world trial fits to ensure every dimension was perfect, particularly around clearance of the brake calipers. This hard work has culminated in Import Monster being able to provide a completely bespoke, millimetre perfect set of wheels for the Exige – at a very competitive price point.

We have opted to retain the OEM specs in order to retain that handling balance that Lotus is famous for

 Front – 17×7.5” +26 5×110 with a 65.1mm centre bore

 Rear – 18×10” +32 5×114.3 with a 68.1mm centre bore


With Motorsport in mind, these wheels have been made hubcentric to the car – requiring no hubrings or adapters, so wheel changes at the track are a breeze. You can retain the OEM wheel bolts as the taper of the Weds is a match for the original wheels, or of course you can opt for upgraded wheel bolts or a stud and nut conversion. The also feature anti slip knurling to reduce tyre slip upon acceleration and deceleration.


Of course, one of the most crucial aspects of a wheel destined for a car like the Lotus is the weight.
Weds have hit that goal out of the park as usual.

On our digital scales, the front wheel in 17×7.5 weighs in at 7.14kg.

The rear wheel in 18×10 is a mere 8.64kg.

Priced at $3399 per set, the TC105X Exige edition represents great value for money. In stock and on display now at Import Monster and ready for shipping or collection.

Read on for more information about what makes this wheel so special!


  • Machined side cuts considerably decrease overall wheel weight, without affecting strength
  • Upsized backpads designed to increase the contact area with the hub – providing higher rigidity
  • Distinctive N-frame spoke reinforcement creates greater rigidity and impact dispersion
  • Anti-slip knurling reduces tire slip during high torque and braking conditions
  • Machining in the backside of the spokes to further reduce weight without sacrificing strength
  • Conical barrel shape which allows much larger brake packages, without having to move to a larger diameter wheel
  • Vacuum deposition of aluminium paint to reduce paint thickness and weight, while still giving a beautiful colour which shifts with the viewing angle and different lighting
  • WedsSport AMF (Advanced metal forming) process – read more about this below!

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