Bride Stradia II Low Max – Black


Bride Stradia II Low Max – Black

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A reclining sport seat with a balance between hold ability and ease of boarding/exiting as well as abundant colour variation

The main point of the STRADIA II’s design is its form, with a lowered knee support region to improve ease of boarding/exiting while maintaining holdability. It is a reclining sport seat which uses a full monocoque shell structure for its backrest in order to achieve the same rigidity and holdability as a fixed bucket seat.
Reclining sport seats tend to be heavier, but in the STRADIA II model’s carbon aramid shell, we have reduced the weight to the 11kg range by making the basic frame and reclining device out of aluminum.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 114 × 75 × 62 cm


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